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DTS Group Lead Staff

Over the past 20+ years, our expert team at DTS group has conducted thousands of HEDIS® Compliance Audits™ and datasets for health insurers across the country. Each role is fully dedicated to meeting your goals, so you can rest assured our team is committed to your success. Meet the key members involved in this process.
Tina Kind, Audit Lead at DTS Group

Tina Kind

Audit Lead

David Kind, Audit Lead at DTS Group

David Kind

Audit Lead

Ashley McCarty, Audit Lead at DTS Group

Ashley McCarty

Audit Lead

Stephen Webb, Audit Lead at DTS Group

Stephen Webb

Audit Lead

Meet Our Team 1

Eric Melymuk

Data Analysis

Dan Zervins, Audit Lead at DTS Group

Daniel Zervins

Audit Lead

Amy Wood, Audit Lead at DTS Group

Amy Wood

Audit Lead

Megan Donohue, Office Manager at DTS Group

Megan Comans

Office Manager

Ron Nelson, Audit Second at DTS Group

Ron Nelson II

Data Security and Privacy

Meet Our Team 3

Eva Maria Watts

Audit Second

Irv Koehler, Audit Second at DTS Group

Irv Koehler

Audit Second

Dan Greer, Audit Lead at DTS Group

Daniel Greer

Audit Second

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“DTS Group makes a complex audit easy to navigate. The process is organized logically and my team enjoys working with the professionals at DTS Group. I would not use any other audit firm. Also, their conference is a lot of fun!”
"DTS Group differentiates themselves with amazing customer support. They are available to us 24x7 / 365. Their approach gives us confidence our audit results will be complete and correct. If you are looking for a true partner in compliance reporting then you are in the right place."
"When we selected DTS Group to conduct our audits we gained a skilled partner in performance reporting. DTS Group’s commitment to customer service and our success is unmatched. They are our Five-Star auditors."
“DTS Group works with many 5-Star plans and they understand the pressure and competing priorities we face. They respect my time while we work together to complete the audit. Their efforts are focused, timely, and relevant”
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