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The demand and costs of healthcare can be reduced by encouraging healthier lifestyles and improved self-care. One of the best ways to differentiate your organization in an emerging market is to participate in NCQA's Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP) standards.

NCQA Accreditation sends a clear message to your customers by showing that you meet what industry experts agree are evidence-based, best-in-class standards for evaluating wellness organizations. Accredited with Performance Reporting status is granted to wellness and health promotion organizations that have submitted a specific number of results for NCQA's standardized WHP Performance Measures, in addition to meeting or exceeding NCQA's standards. WHP accreditation and performance reporting:

A Broad-Based Program

Step 1A broad-based program for organizations that offer comprehensive wellness and health promotion services. DTS Group conducts the audit of ten WHP performance measures which are key components of the evaluations. WHP measure reporting occurs in April of the reporting year.

Comprehensive Assessment

Step 2Comprehensive assessment using an evidence-based set of requirements to distinguish quality services. WHP Accreditation includes rigorous onsite and off-site evaluations of 12 standards. No comparable evaluation exists for wellness and health promotion programs.

Focus On Key Elements

Step 4Focus on key elements of health promotion including how wellness and health promotion programs are implemented in the workplace, and how services such as coaching are provided to help participants develop skills to make healthy choices.

Uses Standardized Measures

Step 4Uses standardized program measures that allow employers to make informed comparisons when choosing among several wellness and health promotion vendors (for the Accredited with Performance Reporting status).


Common Terms & Concepts
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Wellness & Health Promotion Checklist

Employer + Plan Sponsor Engagement

The organization provides information and direction to help employers or plan sponsors implement wellness and health promotion programs that will enable participants to improve their health.

Privacy & Confidentiality

The organization has systems in place to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information on eligible individuals.

Engaging the Population

The organization actively works to provide wellness and health promotion services to entire populations.

Health Appraisal

The organization helps adult participants manage their health through the provision of an HA, discloses how the information will be used and protects it in accordance with privacy policies.

Identification + Tailoring

The organization identifies the unique wellness and health promotion needs of eligible individuals and acts to meet them.

Self-Management Tools

The organization provides self-management tools to help individuals stay healthy and reduce risk.

Health Coaching

The organization provides coaching services to help participants develop skills to make healthy choices and improve their health.

Rights and Responsibilities

The organization communicates to eligible individuals what their rights are, which materials are for marketing purposes versus health advice and how to file a complaint.

Measuring Effectiveness

The organization uses quality measures and participant satisfaction results to understand its performance and continually works to improve its program and services.


The organization remains accountable for and has appropriate structures and mechanisms to oversee delegated wellness and health promotion functions.

Incentives Management

The organization can administer incentives upon request, as well as evaluate the effects of employer or plan sponsor incentive programs.

Reporting WHP Performance

The organization strives to improve the quality of its wellness and health promotion services by measuring its performance using standardized measures.


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